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141070, Korolev, Oktyabrskyi boulevard, 12

The Korolev Hotel is located in the center of Korolev, opposite the Memory Alley, not far from the Alexander Nevsky Chapel.

Directions from Moscow:

By bus: from the metro station "VDNKh" bus station next to the "Cosmos hotel" (30 minutes), route 392 to the stop "Alexander Nevsky Chapel", route 576, 565 to the stop "Stadium" (Pionerskaya street).

By train: from Yaroslavsky railway station (direction Fryazevo, Monino, Shchelkovo, Bolshevo, Fryazino) to the station Podlipki-Dachnye or Bolshevo (30-40 minutes from Moscow). From st. Podlipki-Dachnye - 5 minutes by bus to the stop "Alexander Nevsky Chapel". From the Bolshevo station - 10 minutes by minibus to the stop "TsGB".

Travel to Moscow:

To the Moscow metro station "VDNKh" - by buses 392, 576, 565 (30 minutes). Also by train from Podlipki-Dachnye or Bolshevo station to Yaroslavsky railway station, Komsomolskaya metro station, transition to the stations of Leningradsky and Kazansky directions.

How to get by metro from the airport:

Vnukovo Airport

By Aeroexpress (schedule) to Kievsky railway station, Kievskaya metro station to VDNKh or to Komsomolskaya station (Yaroslavsky railway station).

From Kievskaya to st. "VDNKh" about 25 minutes.

From Kievskaya to Komsomolskaya about 13 minutes.

Domodedovo Airport

By Aeroexpress (schedule) to Paveletskaya railway station, from Paveletskaya (Zamoskvoretskaya line) to VDNKh or to Komsomolskaya station (Yaroslavsky railway station).

From Paveletskaya to st. "VDNKh" about 20 minutes.

From Paveletskaya to Komsomolskaya about 12 minutes.

Sheremetyevo Airport

By Aeroexpress (schedule) to Belorussky railway station, from Belorussky railway station by metro to VDNKh or to Komsomolskaya station (Yaroslavsky station).

From Belorusskaya to st. "VDNKh" about 18 minutes.

From Belorusskaya to Komsomolskaya about 8 minutes.